Top Five CPDWL Blog Posts in 2019

CPDWL Section members frequently blog about their work, programs or activities throughout the year. Here are our top 5 popular blog posts with the highly numbers of visits:

5. With 880 visits, CPDWL Podcast Project: Episode 1 is our 5th most popular post. It kicked off our podcast series featuring Loida Garcia Febo! (Published in October 2019)

4. CPDWL Satellite Meeting 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia: RECAP is the 4th most highly visited post in 2019 with 896 visits. (Published in September 2019)

3. “New Resources for Library Advocacy” by Loida Garcia-Febo (Published August 2019) and “INELI-MENA-Egypt: Librarians as Motors of Change” by Heba Mohamed Ismail (Published in July 2019) are our third most visited post with over 900 visits!

2. With over 1k+ visits, our post on “Digital Tools That Can Change Your Librarian Life” is the second most popular blog post of 2019. The recording is also listed in the post. (Published October 2019).

1. With over 4k+ visits, “Wellness for Library Workers” by Loida Garcia-Febo is our most popular blog post of the year! (Published August 2019)

Stay tuned for 2020, we have of interesting posts coming soon!