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Our new poster promoting the IFLA Guidelines for CPD in the digital environment was proudly launched at the WLIC in Dublin (see the earlier blog post, 27 August 2022). We are now calling for LIS colleagues across the world to translate the poster into their own language(s).

The goal is to ensure that the important messages about the imperative for CPD for everyone working in library and information services is shared, with emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholders when professional learning moves online.

We hope that all national and regional library associations will support the translation of the poster for their members. If you would like to get involved in the translation work (it’s only a couple of hundred words!), please contact Gill Hallam (gillian.hallam1[at]bigpond.com) to request a copy of the poster template file.

We are looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

Learn about Virtual Reality at the Library 2.0 Virtual Conference on March 29, 2022

I am very excited to announce the 2022 line up of free global virtual conferences offered through the Library 2.0 virtual conference series! The three conferences this year focus on Virtual Reality; Urban Librarianship; and Privacy.

The first conference of the year, Virtual Reality and Learning: Leading the Way, will take place next week on March 29th 2022 from 12pm-3pm US-Pacific time.

This mini-conference is part of the Library 2.0 Worldwide Virtual Conference series, which was started in 2011, to build community among information professionals, provide a forum for discussion about important topics, and learn from each other across the world.

Virtual reality is a growing technology trend for libraries, and it’s a technology that is used to support learning and interaction in a wide range of environments. Sara Jones and Tammy Westergard both have extensive experience with deploying virtual reality in libraries, which was valuable as they helped us organize this mini-conference.  We look forward to hearing from them about their VR experience, as well as engaging with many others to discuss this important topic.

The conference kicks off with a one hour opening keynote panel discussion. We’ll hear from the following people:

  • Sara Jones, State Librarian, Washington State Library
  • Tammy Westergard, Senior Workforce Development Leader, Project Coordinator – U.S. Department of Education
  • Greg Lucas, California State Librarian
  • Milton Chen, Independent Speaker, Author, Board Member
  • Catherine Devine, Director, Business Strategy – Libraries and Museums, Microsoft Worldwide Education
  • Karsten Heise, Director of Strategic Programs, Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED)
  • Dana Ryan, PhD, Special Assistant to the President, Truckee Meadows Community College

During the next 90 minutes, you will have the chance to attend three 30-minute sessions – choosing from 18 presentations. Sample presentation titles include:

  • The Virtual Library: Making Interactive Online Tours with 360° Images, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality Technologies
  • An Overview and Understanding of the Metaverse
  • Libraries as the Center of Virtual Reality Collaboration

The conference ends with a 30-minute closing keynote session.

Registration is free; sessions will be recorded and made available after the event.

Thank you to founding partner The School of Information at San José State University for making the Library 2.0 conference series available, and to our partner organizations The Association for Rural & Small Libraries (ARSL) and Califa Group for their support of this mini-conference.

Mark your calendars for upcoming Library 2.0 virtual mini-conferences in 2022; both will be held from 12-3pm Pacific time and will be free and held online.

  • July 14, 2022 – Urban Librarianship: Innovative Ideas, Active Leadership, and Best Practices.
  • October 13, 2022 – Privacy

I hope you will join us on March 29th, 2022 to learn about virtual reality!

Learn About Soft Skills for 21st Century Information Professionals at the next Library 2.020 Virtual Conference

The next Library 2.0 virtual conference – Library 2.020: Wholehearted Libraries: Soft Skills for 21st Century Information Professionals – will take place on Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 from 12:00 – 3:00 pm US-Pacific Standard Time (click for your own time zone). This conference will be held online and is also recorded. It is free to everyone to attend!

REGISTER HERE to attend live and/or to receive the recording links afterward. Please also join this Library 2.0 network to be kept updated on this and future events.

This mini-conference will explore the human side of 21st-Century information work. As Dr. Michael Stephens, Associate Professor at the School of Information at San José State University and co-organizer of this event explains, “soft skills are heart skills.” Specifically, the conference aims to:

  • Define what soft skills are,
  • Understand how and when to use various soft skills,
  • Identify types of training that can improve soft skills, and
  • Explore how to share emotionally engaging stories.

The conference will kick off with an opening keynote panel featuring a range of experts from around the world who will tackle important questions about soft skills. The keynote panelists are:

  • Michael Stephens, Associate Professor in the School of Information at San José State University @mstephens7
  • Loida Garcia-Febo, International Library Consultant @loidagarciafebo
  • Christian Lauersen, Director of Libraries and Citizens services, Roskilde Municipality, Denmark @clauersen
  • Rivkah Sass, Library Director, Sacramento Public Library @Rivkah

The closing keynote will be given by Stacie Ledden who is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Anythink Libraries. @ilovemyanythink

In addition to these keynote sessions, there are several concurrent, crowd-sourced sessions. Some of these sessions include:

For more information about the Library 2.020: Wholehearted Libraries: Soft Skills for 21st Century Information Professionals, go to: https://www.library20.com/wholehearted.

You may also be interested in speaking at and/or attending other upcoming Library 2.020 virtual conferences (all 12-3pm Pacific Time):

  • Innovation in Small, Rural and Independent Libraries Wednesday, June 17, 2020. This conference is being organized in partnership with Jim Lynch from TechSoup for Libraries, Kate Laughlin from the Association for Rural & Small Libraries, and the School of Information at San José State University.
  • Sustainability in Libraries Wednesday, October 14, 2020. This conference is being organized in partnership with Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, executive director, Mid-Hudson Library System (New York), and the School of Information at San José State University.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the Library 2.0 conference, go to: https://www.library20.com/page/miniconferencefaq.

Menschen im Aufbruch = People on the path to the future – Commemorative publication for Maria Seissl, Head of the University Library Vienna, Austria

What a good idea. Instead of articles of prominent representatives of our profession about librarianship or tasks for librarians in the future this publication gave a voice to the employees of the University Library in Vienna, Austria. And these librarians described their working field and their future tasks.

Of course interesting for the community of CPDWL is the area of the continuing professional development.

Since 2015 they offer certificate courses with three modules each as a further education format. Depending on the area of ​​activity, the participants decide for one of the three courses “Lead Libraries”, “Inventory Management in Libraries and Information Facilities” or “Data Librarian”. The special characteristic of these courses is the exciting exchange of participants that results from dividing the three individual modules into the partner university libraries of Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck.

Beside this they also offer continuing development courses for Austrian librarians. The courses take place also in Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck. The programme encompasses topics such as electronic resources, legal and data protection, repositories, indexing and specially tailored courses that are of great relevance to all library staff and guarantee practice-oriented and specialized training

The open access version of the publication (sorry, only in German):


Webinar: The Portfolio Process: Capturing and Documenting Your Workplace Learning

Pattern Research Inc. offers a free webinar on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 12:00 PM MDT: The Portfolio Process: Capturing and documenting your workplace learning.

This programme can apply to a broad audience inside and outside of the library community, from people starting their careers to people looking to advance in their workplaces to people wanting to document their accomplishments and abilities for current and future employers, as well as people wanting to track informal learning in CE classes and experiential opportunities.It`s interesting for adult educators and trainers, human resource personnel, career coaches, college counselors and instructors, and anyone who helps other people, formally and informally, with their careers.

Career portfolios document evidence that you’ve learned and mastered skills in your workplace, in continuing education, and in formal classrooms. How evidence is documented might be dictated by institutional guidelines. You can create portfolios to earn college credit, record workplace success for evaluations, and present your independent learning and accomplishments to a future employer.

Career portfolios aren’t just about experience; they capture what you have learned, mastered, and applied and how to document and translate that knowledge to satisfy the requirements of employers and higher education.


– Introduction: The Portfolio Process
– The Key Idea: Learning Versus Experience
– What Comprises A Successful Portfolio?
– Student Projects
– College And Professional Certification Programmes
– Workplace Evaluations
– Job-Hunting And Career Development


– Write a workplace autobiography.
– Create and maintain a current career portfolio.
– Document past successes.

Free registration https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1136530389893044748

Thanks to Ray Pun for the information.

Managing conflict for Supervisor Success

One of the American Library Association (ALA) LearnRT workgroups has produced a new manager training module about Managing Conflict.

The key learning objectives are:

  1. Supervisors will manage healthy relationships between themselves and their peers by fostering a positive and mutually supportive workplace environment.
  2. Supervisors will foster healthy relationships among staff by effectively navigating conflict and resolving differences, skillfully engaging in difficult conversations and finding mutually successful outcomes.

You can follow on  https://www.webjunction.org/news/webjunction/managing-conflict-for-supervisor-success.html

Thanks for the information to Jana Varlejs


Reminder: Webinar Developing a Successful Poster Session – examples from the international floor

On February 26,2020 CPDWL together with New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) and the support of ALA will present a webinar “Developing a Successful Poster Session – examples from the international floor.

Speakers are:

Edward Junhao Lim, New York University in Shanghai, China: “Designing Butter Posters at library conferences.”

Bruce Herbert, Texas A & M  University, USA: “How I learned to love giving posters – developing a successful poster session”

Juliana Es M. Munawir, Mohamed Fadzli M. Fauzi, Selangor Public Library Corporation, Malaysia: “From textual description to graphical info”

Date: February 26

Time: 06:00 PT / 08:00 CT (Chicago) / 09:00 EDT (New York) / 15:00 CET (Amsterdam) / 16:00 EET (Helsinki) /22:00 Kuala Lumpur /  00:00 AEST (Brisbane)
Check the scheduled time in your location.