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Congratulations to our newly elected CPDWL officers 2023 – 2025

All the best to our newly elected CPDWL officers.

Chair: Man Yi Helen Chan (China)
Secretary: Carmen Lei (China)
Information Coordinator: Joan Weeks (United States of America).

We are looking forward to your fresh ideas for new projects and continuation of existing working groups and projects. For sure you will get all needed support from the SC members and Advisory group members. The community worldwide is waiting for the future work of CPDWL section.


Supporting new leaders globally through coaching

Again in 2023 CPDWL and M&M sections are very happy to provide

in person coaching for at least 30 minutes with experienced coaches at the

WLIC in Rotterdam on Wednesday August 23, 10.00 – 11.30 in room  Rotterdam A.

If you are interested to be coached, it is a walk-in session for all registered delegates and we’ll offer the coaching in different languages. Hosts will guide you to the appropriate coach.

If you are interested to serve as a coach, please fill in the form

For further information please feel free to contact us.

Hope to meet you in Rotterdam!

Ulrike Lang

Convenor of the IFLA Coaching Initiative



What collaborating with others at IFLA mean?

CPDWL Section has written in its Action Plan what specific subjects we want to cover and work on within the next two years (2022-2023). We must review the Action Plan every six months and update the tasks, challenges, working group members, and timetables. It’s a decision of our Section made long ago that every standing committee member has to work in at least one of the working groups.

As our tasks are widely distributed across topics such as continuing professional development, workplace learning, life long learning, work-life-balance, etc., there are many connections with other IFLA Sections and Special Interest Groups. Sometimes we approach others to cooperate, and occasionally Sections ask us for collaboration. Some may be unsure what such cooperation means. And always we are looking for interested and experienced colleagues in the Section to become part of the working groups.

It is always different and isn’t easy to describe.

We have some projects and cooperations that are limited by time—for example, working with another Section to prepare a satellite meeting connected with the WLIC. It depends on how many colleagues are involved in the working group and what you must do. It might be very time-consuming for a while until the conference takes place. Or your duties are quickly accomplished because you have to book the venue or find the speakers etc.

Other working groups have been together for years, for example, the IFLA Coaching Initiative by CPDWL and Marketing & Management section. This group started working together in 2018! The group meets regularly every second month via Zoom, and we always brainstorming what to do next. We hope to continue as long as there is a demand for coaching in the IFLA family.

Every standing committee member is encouraged to actively publish their contributions on this blog, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. We are happy to receive articles or statements about national, regional, or local projects that might interest the worldwide community, book reviews, announcements for engaging webinars, conferences, or summaries of these events.

We look forward to publishing not only in English but in your native language, too (but please with an English summary).

IFLA supports the collaboration of sections and special interest groups, so we have some requests for cooperation right now. Usually, Section chairs or officers will have the first contact, and we’ll send the request to our SC list. Most of the time, we can’t say what is planned in detail because the project will only develop through the participants. But if you are interested in the topic, you should contact us. Even if you realize in the working process that you can not participate as intensively as desired, you can still be an essential source of inspiration at the beginning.

Be sure that every cooperation in a working group with other sections will also expand your horizon and might be helpful for your daily work. In addition, it also might be beneficial in solving problems, sharing sources, and sharing your knowledge. It is also wonderful to meet people from around the world with a different view on a subject you think you know very well.

We look forward to your comments and feedback and hope we were able to dispel some uncertainties.

Short-term Vacancy in our Section: Expressions of interest welcome

Dear colleagues,

Due to the resignation of a member, we are seeking to fill the vacancy with a colleague, preferably from a public or school library, but all interested and qualified colleagues are welcome to apply.

As a new member filling a casual vacancy, your term would be until the next formal election cycle in 2023. Then you can apply to be a full member of the section for another four years.

Please submit your expression of interest via the IFLA self-nomination form.  Nominations will be accepted until June 10, 2022, after which we will notify applicants.

As a member of CPDWL you would be expected to participate in at least one of our working groups and also contribute to our information to the library community through our social media channels:

We would also expect you to attend our online meetings and IFLA’s World Library and Information Congress 2022 WLIC, when possible.

For more information, please check our CPDWL website or contact one of our officers.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Kind regards,

Ulrike Lang
Chair of CPDWL

An opportunity for a certificate in Research Data Management in Germany

Written by Almuth Gastinger & Ulrike Lang.

Since 2021 the Technische Hochschule Köln (University of Applied Sciences in Cologne) has been offering a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course to get a certificate in Research Data Management (RDM).

This blended learning course targets employees from educational and research institutions, academic libraries, and other research-related organisations. It lasts 10 months and offers the following nine modules:

  1. Basic principles of RDM
  2. Open Science & legal aspects
  3. Research, research data and RDM in various subject areas
  4. Hacking & experimenting with data
  5. Managing & sharing (meta) data
  6. Technical infrastructure
  7. Data management & project management in research
  8. RDM education and guidance
  9. Project module

Participants must take the three basic modules (1-3) and four of the five advanced/supplementary modules (4-9). The second course will start in August 2022, and the registration deadline is on the 29th of April. Unfortunately, the course will be in German only, and there are other entry requirements.

But even if you cannot participate, some of you might be interested in the content and details of this course. The description of the specific modules and other information is in German only, but a Machine Translated version by Google to English should help out if you don’t understand the language ????

Meet your CPDWL officer

CPDWL will try a new format, to keep the connections of the standing committee members and advisory group members more tight.

As a result of the breakout room sessions during the mid-term meeting of CPDWL in February 2022, we are planning to have zoom meetings every month without an agenda, just to chat and talk about the ongoing projects, questions raised by the participants or information from IFLA and its bodies. And we hope to gain some new ideas for programmes as well.

We’ll start by invitation, but might open up these meetings for interested colleagues from around the world later.

Let’s see, if it will be successful or the hosting officer will be just on her/his own?

Happy for your comments and ideas to make this format successful.

Take care and kind regards

Ulrike, Almuth, Alan and Edward

CPDWL and M&M Online Coaching during WLIC 2021

Need assistance in achieving your goals or expand your professional development or career? Would you like to tackle challenging situations? Have you ever tried the business method of coaching?

The IFLA Coaching Initiative, founded by IFLA’s Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) and Management & Marketing (M&M) Sections, invites colleagues registered for WLIC 2021 without any additional costs to take part in an online coaching session.

Coaching is currently available in the following languages: Bosnian, Cantonese/Mandarin, Croatian, Dutch, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish.

To prepare for the session as a coachee please visit the Coachee Information and Preparation page:

Book with an individual coach in your time zone at .

Available Dates: August 9 – 13 & 23 – 27, 2021

For further information please contact