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Webinar Developing a Successful Poster Session

If you missed the online webinar about developing a successful poster session you now have the chance to follow the recording, thanks to ALA https://ala-events.zoom.us/rec/play/upcoIritpmo3GtyU5QSDCvQsW47rfa-shiEc-vUNxRq8AXBSMVSvY7BAZOWUnrcrKNgpSlwQfQllyjJ3?startTime=1582724735000

CPDWL would be very grateful if you could complete after our short survey to improve the upcoming webinars https://survey.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8BrJHSMMyvYKV4p

Thanks to the moderator and presenters and we are happy to continue this fruitful work of creating webinars with NPSIG and ALA.

We also look forward to receive your recommendations for topics of webinars for next year.






German library conference 2019

The German library conference took place this year in Leipzig. It is the biggest annual librarian`s conference in Europe. More than 260 lectures, workshops and hand-on-labs were presented together with a huge exhibition of hard-, software and services. Under the title “Libraries for change”  4000 librarians from Germany, neighbouring countries and abroad met to discuss a huge variety of topics. Societies are changing and libraries have to follow these dynamics with innovative concepts and lifelong learning staff members.

The last three years ALA was partner of the German library associations. This year the official partnership switched to the Netherlands where the libraries are very active to promote “the library as a third place”.

One of the recurring themes were fake news and the best way to deal with. “Put the focus on the victims and the outcome instead of only looking at the offenders and give them another platform to be famous” a journalist proposed.

More and more frequently, false information is scattered across all communication channels in order to influence public opinion or to discredit other-minded people. Portrait photos with quotes take out of context, which are often distributed via social networks, are just the tip of the iceberg. In their role as information brokers, libraries must counter this and empower more and more people to distinguish fake news from actual news. There were plenty of suggestions for such formats for work on the ground – especially for the youth. And of course the education and strengthening of our own staff is very important not only in this context.

More than 400 presentations are already uploaded online for those who want to recap or had not the chance to participate in Leipzig. Most of the follow-ups are in German but some are in English, too.  And more will be uploaded in the next weeks. At the  BIB Opus publication server you can also find the presentations of the past German and Austrian library conferences, the articles of some German library journals in fulltext and more.

CPDWL programmes accepted for IFLA Conference in Lyon

Good news!

All programmes of CPDWL were accepted for the IFLA conference in Lyon.

So mark your calender for the following:

MOOCs: Opportunities and Challenges for Libraries

Programme Time: Monday August 18th 11.45 – 13.45

Together with the Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section and the Knowledge Management Section we will present a Knowledge Café

Learning Challenges for Librarians and Library Managers

Programme Time: Thursday August 21st 13.45-15.45.

We will update the programme details, topics of round tables etc. here soon.


CPDWL Conference programme for the Singapore Congress 2013

CPDWL sessions

Sunday 18 August, 2013 13:45 – 15:45, Session 83
Building a learning and knowledge sharing organisation
Room: Summit 1
Information Technology, Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and Knowledge Management –a NPSIG programme sponsored by CPDWL
Monday 19 August, 2013 09:30 – 12:45, Session 100
Libraries as learning organisations: how to nurture growth in our staff and our communities
Room: Summit 2
Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning with Education and Training (SET)
Wednesday 21 August 2013 11:45 – 13:45, Session 176
Taking charge of your career: a workshop
Room: Summit 1
Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning
Read more in the workshop blog post.
Thursday 22 August 2013 10:45 – 13:00, Session 210
New librarians global connection: best practices, models and recommendations
Room: Nicoll 3
New Professionals Special Interest Group with Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning

Standing Committee Meetings

Saturday 17 August 2013 12:30 – 15:00, Session 31
Room: 312
SC I Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning
Tuesday 20 August 2013 15:00 – 16:30, Session 149
Room: 310
SC II Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning
New members, please note that SCI and SC II Meetings are our section’s business meetings where we plan our activities for the coming year. Please be sure to try to attend both meetings.

CPDWL programme at the WLIC 2013, Singapore

CPDWL is happy to welcome you to the roundtable session Taking charge of your career in Singapore during the IFLA Conference.

We`ll start with the lecture Competence wheel: strategic, personal, communicative and professional technical skills, presented by Catharina Isberg, Communication coordinator of CPDWL.

The tables will give attention to:

1. Intercultural competencies for the international floor.  How to behave and react with international counterparts?  Intercultural competence doesn`t mean to resolve differentess but to use it.  We will discuss different behaviours, gestures etc. Host: Ulrike Lang

2. What to do to be published, whom to contact.   Publishing can take many forms – for example blogging, writing book reviews or conference reports, and presenting conference papers. This table will showcase some IFLA options which increase the reach of your work – writing for IFLA and Emerald journals and books. Host: Eileen Breen

3. How to prepare your papers to be published. Publishing papers can advance your career: Learn strategies for getting your interesting results and important best practices published.  This table will cover how you identify the right publication, write for your audience, and present your content for publication. Host: Sandy Hirsh

4. Gap analysis (Self managed career).   As the self-managed career is replacing the traditional career, librarians need to take contol of their own destinies.  Learn tips and techniques for planning the career that you want. Host: Margaret Law

5. Personal skills and competencies. Personal skills are the foundation in leadership as well as in employeeship, where you lead yourself in your daily work. In order to understand other people, you need to understand yourself and your actions. Host: Catharina Isberg

6. How to connect: using social media. Social media – looking at strategies to use social media to continue your professional development or how to manage your own social media profile to enhance your career. Using different social media to network with others in our profession or with our clients. Host: Anne Lehto

7. Internationalizing your career.  Getting the international into your career: hear about strategies for developing cross-cultural competencies and multicultural awareness. Host: Susan Schnuer

8. Alternative career.  Librarians possess many transferrable skills that can be used outside of a traditional library. How do you identify them? What types of jobs are possible? How does one find and obtain these jobs?  Host: Monica Ertel

9. Jump starting career. Learn how to maximize your investment in your personal development. 10 essential education and career resources to help you strategize powerful moves. Join our discussion of a practical shortlist of resources to help you start making connections to continue moving forward. Host: Loida Garcia Febo

10. Professional ethics.  At the library workplace we are challenged by ethical dilemmas quite often. Main issues are free access to information/censorship, privacy, equitable services for everyone… How do you become aware that you are facing a dilemma? How do you treat ethical conflicts? How can professional ethics help you to solve an ethical conflict?  Host: Hermann Roesch


WLIC 2013, Singapore – The CPDWL section sessions

“Taking charge of your carrier”, “New librarians global connection: best practices, models and recommendations” and “Libraries as learning organisations: how to nurture growth in our staff and our communities” are the themes for the three sessions which CPDWL are involved in at the WLIC 2013 in Singapore. One of these is a workshop, one is a session together with NPSIG and one is a session together with SET

The workshop session theme is “Taking charge of your carrier”. The format will be round table discussions each lead by a team leader with some experience on the topic and who will facilitate sharing and recording of information.

Together with NPSIG (New Professional Special Interest Group) CPDWL is planning the session “New librarians global connection: best practices, models and recommendations”. The call for papers is available at http://conference.ifla.org/ifla79/calls-for-papers/new-librarians-global-connection

In collaboration with SET (Education and training section) we are planning a session with the theme “Libraries as learning organisations: how to nurture growth in our staff and our communities”. The call for papers for this sesstion is available at http://conference.ifla.org/ifla79/calls-for-papers/libraries-as-learning-organisations-how-to-nurture-growth-in-our-staff-and-o

If you are interested in all the call for papers at the WLIC 2013 in Singapore, they are all available at:http://conference.ifla.org/ifla79/calls-for-papers

Minutes from CPDWL virtual officers meeting

In December a virtual meeting was held with the standing committee officers of  CPDWL.  We discussed among other things the Singapore program, the co-chair model, our use of social media and the standing committee membership list.

The meeting minutes are now availabe at the CPDWL web. Please read the minutes to get a full picture of the meeting.