CPDWL Satellite Meeting 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia: RECAP

#WLIC2019 in Athens, Greece just ended as well as our CPDWL Satellite Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia in August!

Both were memorable conference experiences and drew many library workers and educators from around the world to convene and learn from one another! In this blog, I’ll highlight the CPDWL Satellite Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia.

We were fortunate to have a great partner for this conference planning: Croatian Library Association (CLA). The conference was held at the National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatia from Aug. 20-21. CLA also organized city and library tours in Zagreb for our 150+ delegates.

During the conference, on the first night, we had 15 poster sessions, many showcased initiatives and collaborative projects that supported library systems in different areas including STEM, interlibrary loan, emerging technologies and medical text repositories. We will have selected posters in the IFLA Library page shortly!

The next day concluded with a lot of exciting presentations, workshops and keynote addresses that focused on digital initiatives that libraries and information organizations can pursue to support smart societies. The workshops focused on key skill development for attendees ranging from strength finders to presentation delivery skills. All the papers are uploaded onto the website currently and will also be available in the IFLA Library. The conference allowed us to network during various times, and we really learned a lot from this experience.

To follow us more, we’ve also created a new instagram page @IFLA_CPDWL and remained active on twitter @iflacpdwl where you can find various posts about the conference under #CPDWL2019. Be sure to follow us for more updates!

We like to thank everyone for attending and all those involved in the planning process at various stages. It certainly does take an IFLA global community to put this together!

To conclude our experience, we’ve made a short video about it too (less than 2 minutes for you to view!