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What advocacy activities are libraries undertaking? Analysing the Results of the IFLA Regional Advocacy Priorities Study (Part 2)

IFLA’s Regional Advocacy Priorities Study collected responses from library associations, institutions, and individuals in June and July of 2021 in order to build up an understanding of the status of library advocacy in the world today. Its goal is to get library and information professionals around the world (and in […]

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Dreamers and Schemers: a simple recipe for library advocacy

Studies of human behaviour are often characterised by a distinction between idealism and realism, between emotion and logic, or between the heart and the head. Some decisions and actions we see as being driven by instinct, optimism or by a broader sense of values, while others seem to come down […]

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Introducing… the 10-Minute Library Advocate

Libraries do not exist in a vacuum – they are there to serve. Through providing access to knowledge, as well as an open, welcoming public space, they help others help themselves. But they are also dependent on external support. This isn’t just about the politicians, officials or senior management who […]

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