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Buy, Borrow or Both? What the Boersenverein’s Survey of eLending Does and Doesn’t Tell Us

Last year, the German book industry organisation – the Boersenverein – published research commissioned from GfK on library eLending, including comparative analysis between physical and eBook buyers and borrowers as regards their age, situation, and habits. This has been promoted by the Boersenverein as evidence that library eLending harms publishing, […]

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Long Read: Competition and Libraries

Competition law and policy are not always high up the agenda for libraries. As public services, we are interested in overall approaches to the public sector. As part of the research and education infrastructure, we care about policies in these areas. As institutions depending on copyright exceptions and limitations to […]

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Out of Hand? Libraries, eBook ownership and Lending

The rise of eBooks has led to some significant changes in the world of publishing. While they are clearly a long way from replacing their physical equivalents, eBooks do now enjoy a significant share of the market, and have allowed a lot of independent and self-published authors to emerge. They […]

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