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What Data Privacy Means for Libraries in 2020

January 28th marks the Data Privacy and Protection Day. First introduced by the Council of Europe in 2006, it aims to raise public awareness and understanding of what happens to people’s personal data and the rights they have to privacy and data protection; and to highlight good practices in this area. Privacy has traditionally been a fundamental value for libraries – and this day offers an opportunity to reflect on how the latest technological and social developments shape the roles and duties of librarians in championing privacy in the digital age.

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Into the New Decade: Key Internet Governance Trends for Libraries

The year 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. Entering a new decade presents an opportunity to reflect on what major Internet Governance trends were relevant for libraries over the course of the last year, and how me might see these trends take shape in the coming […]

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What’s On Online? Current Issues for Libraries in Internet Governance and Policy

The core mission of libraries is to provide people with access to information. With flows of information increasingly taking place online, our institutions have a major interest in the way the Internet works. In December of this year, the world will celebrate 50/50 – the point at which the share […]

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