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Gateways to Cultural Diversity: Libraries as multicultural hubs

Cultural diversity is a force for development. It nurtures a climate of mutual understanding, celebration of differences, and critical thinking to combat pre-conceived notions of the “other”. This is a vital component of building peace, stability, and development. UNESCO states that three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural […]

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Languages Without Borders

Celebrating, protecting and sharing linguistic and cultural diversity helps nurture unity and social cohesion. It builds communities with connections – despite geographic borders. With digital technology making such connections easier than ever before, sharing a language can mean sharing cultural touchstones and works of creativity that strengthen these transnational bonds. […]

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5 ways to celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity

21 May is the World Day for Cultural Diversity established by the UN in 2002. The day promotes cultural diversity and dialogues among nations, people and cultures. In 2015 IFLA, in partnership with UNESCO, published The Multicultural Library – a gateway to a cultural diverse society in dialogue. Libraries serve […]

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