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Languages Without Borders

Celebrating, protecting and sharing linguistic and cultural diversity helps nurture unity and social cohesion. It builds communities with connections – despite geographic borders. With digital technology making such connections easier than ever before, sharing a language can mean sharing cultural touchstones and works of creativity that strengthen these transnational bonds. […]

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Preserving and Promoting the Igbo Language in Libraries

2019 is the International Year of Indigenous Languages. IFLA has been celebrating and promoting the year, sharing stories of libraries from all over the world, which are contributing to the safeguarding and promotion of indigenous languages and cultures. We have been in Canada, where libraries are collecting and preserving historical […]

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By All, For All: A World Book Day for the World

Books have long played – and continue to play – a key role in recording the past, sharing knowledge, and creating inspiration. World Book Day offers an opportunity to celebrate this contribution to knowledge and culture. In 2019, there is a particular focus on indigenous languages, given the International Year. […]

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