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Copyright Week Day 4: Save the Messenger! Why Libraries Should Care about Safe Harbour

Discussion about questions of free speech and access to information is traditionally based around a divide between creators and users – or authors and readers in the case of books. When something goes wrong – an author goes beyond the limits of acceptable free speech or plagiarises, or a reader […]

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Copyright Week Day 3: Public Domain, Privatised Knowledge, and Libraries

1 January 2019 saw a greater than usual focus on the importance of the public domain. For the first time in 20 years, new works started to go out of copyright in the United States, following a 20 year hiatus. There was a lot of celebration – and performances of […]

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Out of Hand? Libraries, eBook ownership and Lending

The rise of eBooks has led to some significant changes in the world of publishing. While they are clearly a long way from replacing their physical equivalents, eBooks do now enjoy a significant share of the market, and have allowed a lot of independent and self-published authors to emerge. They […]

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