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The 10-Minute Library Advocate #39: Think of a Problem, and then Present Libraries as the Solution

Advocacy is powerful when you are offering solutions. The people you are likely targeting – politicians, funders, others – spend a lot of their time trying to solve problems. And there are plenty out there – social, political economic. Of course, libraries also need things from decision-makers – funding, laws, […]

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Culture, Community and (Social) Capital: The Role of Libraries

The work of Eric Klinenberg on the role of libraries as social infrastructure has received a lot of attention in the library world. Based on his research among residents of New York, he heard countless stories of people whose lives had been changed – improved – through the time they […]

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Helping Teachers Help All Learners: Libraries and Minority Languages

Through providing materials, developing information literacy skills, offering a space for study, and acting as a gateway to lifelong learning opportunities, libraries are a key part of the education infrastructure. The service libraries provide is universal, but there are cases where they can be particularly important, for example for speakers […]

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The 10-Minute Library Advocate #38: Send an Invitation to Visit your Library

Some of the most powerful advocacy comes from showing what you’re doing, not just talking about it. It’s natural for someone to believe more what they experience for themselves, than what they are told. They’ll also remember it better! This is as true for people in positions of power as […]

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Engage through the Page: Libraries and Books Help Young People become Full Citizens

The climate marches that have marked the news in so many parts of the world over the last few months are, to a large extent, thanks to the mobilisation of young people. The logic behind this is simple – this is the generation that will face the consequences of inaction […]

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