CPDWL Standing Committee Member Highlight: Claudiane Weber

“This is How We Do It: One Professional Development Activity in the Lives of Librarians from Around the World” is a new series from the IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section to highlight our standing committee members, who they are and what they do!

In this post, we highlight Claudiane Weber, CPDWL standing committee member!


Why are you a standing committee member of CPDWL and what are you working on for CPDWL Section at the moment? 
Claudiane:I have always participated at the library associative movement in Brazil. I start get closely at IFLA, wen I was a Corresponding member of the extinct Section for Latin America and the Caribbean (IFLA-LAC), and that’s how I got to know better the other sections of IFLA. And I decided to apply for the CPDWL Section because I saw that there is little representation from Latin America and because I have friends who told me that this section was very active. At the time I worked at the Brazilian Congress of Librarianship and presented the activities of the Section at a round table where we discussed leadership. And I’m signed up to collaborate on coaching sessions.
What is one advice you have for new librarians interested in getting involved in IFLA or in their library associations for professional development? 
Claudiane: I would like to tell young people to join associations, it can be at the local, national or even IFLA level. It is a beautiful stimulus to exercise leadership. Associations exist to provide an organization where people working in similar areas of activity and facing common problems can meet and exchange views and learn from each other.