CPDWL Standing Committee Member Highlight: Alan Brine

“This is How We Do It: One Professional Development Activity in the Lives of Librarians from Around the World” is a new series from the IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section to highlight our standing committee members, who they are and what they do!

In this post, we highlight Alan Brine, co-chair of CPDWL!


Why are you a standing committee member of CPDWL and what are you working on for CPDWL Section at the moment? 
Alan: I joined the CPDWL to bring the work I am doing with my professional association in development and learning to a wider audience and to also make connections between IFLA and the association to a wider audience. This benefits everyone by sharing things globally. Currently I co-chair, work on the SCs guidelines for CPD in a post-Covid world; manage the newsletter, work with other SCs on forthcoming projects and on a satellite for next year’s WLIC.
What is one advice you have for new librarians interested in getting involved in IFLA or in their library associations for professional development? 
Alan: Whether IFLA or your national association members are looking for help with projects. Do not hesitate to get in touch. You will be welcomed.