CPDWL Standing Committee Member Highlight: Edward Junhao Lim

“This is How We Do It: One Professional Development Activity in the Lives of Librarians from Around the World” is a new series from the IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section to highlight our standing committee members, who they are and what they do!

In this post, we highlight Edward Junhao Lim, CPDWL standing committee member and information coordinator!

I am interested to learn and apply game-based learning in my instructional workshops with students. I have a friend who introduced me to the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL) Game-based Learning community of practice (CoP). The facilitator and members have been extremely welcoming to new members, including myself. We are part of this Discord server that allows us to chat and meet with each other once a month.

Why are you a standing committee member of CPDWL and what are you working on for CPDWL Section at the moment? 

Edward: Learning how to learn is crucial, and having this growth mindset underpins what our Section represents to all – the never-ending desire to learn and better ourselves as we serve our communities. Right now: revising the update to our Section’s Action Plan, supporting an upcoming webinar on the topic of infodemic, and tracking the many projects led by our Section and how they are supported by colleagues.
What is one advice you have for new librarians interested in getting involved in IFLA or in their library associations for professional development?
Edward: Volunteer your time, expertise with the library associations that you wish to be part of. Most are entirely volunteer-led and run, so the folks will definitely appreciate any kind of help or support you can offer. Find clarity on your motivations for wanting to be involved, and always evaluate your options vs. your resources (energy, time, money).