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Girls in ICT Day: Towards a more fair and equal digital future

This year, 22 April marks the 10th anniversary of the International Girls in ICT Day. Over the past years, libraries in different parts of the world have taken part in the Girls in ICT Day celebrations – with activities which build on a natural alignment between the goals of the Day, and libraries’ experiences with supporting digital literacy and equitable access to knowledge.
So, what do gender digital divides look like in 2021, and what can libraries do to help?

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The ‘First International Librarian’[1]: Mary Florence Wilson

This blog is the result of a street name. Not an official one, but rather an alternative, proposed for the Route Ferney in Geneva, as part of 100elles, an effort to raise awareness – and recognition – of the contribution of women through history. The alternative name given in this […]

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