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Not Victims but Vectors of Change: Libraries, Climate Action and Peace

Climate change, if left untackled, risks not only being felt in an an ever-more-frequent series of extreme weather events, but also in a growing pressure on our socieites. These pressures – less land, fewer resources, higher migration – have in the past been the cause of conflict. Without action, there […]

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What Makes Libraries Unique in Achieving… SDG13

The fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) up for review at the 2019 High Level Political Forum is SDG13 – Climate Action. It underlines the need to take urgent action to tackle climate change and its impacts, with progress needed from the planetary to the individual levels. This is perhaps the […]

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Sustainability of Libraries : the Myanmar Experience

We are happy to present a guest blog by Dr. Thant Thaw Kaung, Executive Director, of the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF):   It’s easier to get on show business, the hard part is to stay there. Nobody stays famous forever. — Chris Rock   We are seeing so many people […]

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