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Libraries for Climate Empowerment: inspiring action through education, training, and public awareness

Libraries are enablers and drivers of sustainable development. They are essential contributors to an informed, participatory society, and vectors of positive change within their communities. This is important for climate action, as the relevant international legal frameworks emphasise education, training, awareness, and public participation.  This is climate empowerment, and we […]

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There is a Place for Everyone in Climate Action

The UN is focussing this year’s World Environment Day (5 June) on biodiversity, and the close link between it and human well-being. As the official website underlines, biodiversity – maintaining the widest possible range of forms of life on earth – brings major benefits to humanity. It does this because […]

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The Green Deal and Digital Agenda: Opportunities for Libraries

In the last month, the European Commission has launched two flagship initiatives which look set to focus much of the attention of its President, Ursula von der Leyen, in the coming years. Delivering on broader commitments, notably to the SDGs, they offer a more concrete and targeted response to two […]

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