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2 Days to Human Rights Day: The Right to Culture

At two days to Human Rights Day 2018, the second-to-last of IFLA’s daily blogs looks at the right to participate in the cultural life of the community, or in short, the right to culture.  Amongst policy areas, culture is often seen as one of the least important. It rarely grabs […]

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Copyright discussions at the LIBER Bookfair: public lending, unwaivable right to remuneration and much more

IFLA recently took part in a session during the LIBER bookfair held in Barcelona from 3-5 October. LIBER, organised by the Spanish Association of Publishers’ Guilds, is a biannual event that alternates between Madrid and Barcelona. The panel discussion was organised by FESABID, the Spanish Federation of Societies of Archivists, […]

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