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Culture on the Agenda: Heritage in the Sustainable Development Goals

One of the key reasons why Sustainable Development Goal 11 is so important for libraries is its recognition of the importance of safeguarding cultural heritage. Its inclusion alongside questions such as mobility, waste and housing may seem strange at first glance. However, it is a recognition that culture is vital […]

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Words of the SDGs: Intersectionality

Foreword The High Level Political Forum is an overwhelming experience, with enough events taking place at the same time to make planning your day full of hard choices. But in addition to the number of events, getting to grips with the words, the vocabulary used in discussions can be a […]

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Meaningful Access to Information: Essential, but not Easy

In its engagement with the United Nations, IFLA’s messaging centres on the importance of access to information. The type of information may vary – government, health, educational, communications – as may the specific objective, but the need for access is constant. The opening session of this year’s High Level Political […]

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The Quality Trap? The Risks of Claiming a Monopoly on Quality

It’s difficult to argue with quality. By its definition, it means something that’s good, better and more desirable than its competitors.   The notion of quality applies as much to information as it does to clothes, food or other experiences. Indeed, ‘quality information’ has emerged as an antidote, a solution […]

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Below the Radar, Below the Belt: the Threat to Libraries (and many others) from Article 6 of the new draft Copyright Directive

For over two years, lawmakers in Brussels considering a draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market have been subject to vigorous campaigning on copyright from all sides. Much of the focus has been on two, maybe three aspects of draft legislation under discussion: a new right for press […]

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