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The 10-Minute Library Advocate: #4 Learn Some Key Library Statistics

Numbers count. When you are making the case for your library – or libraries in general – you need to be able to appeal both to the heart, and the head, of the person you’re talking to. Being able to provide numbers also gives you greater credibility, and so makes […]

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Words of the SDGs: Intersectionality

Foreword The High Level Political Forum is an overwhelming experience, with enough events taking place at the same time to make planning your day full of hard choices. But in addition to the number of events, getting to grips with the words, the vocabulary used in discussions can be a […]

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Meaningful Access to Information: Essential, but not Easy

In its engagement with the United Nations, IFLA’s messaging centres on the importance of access to information. The type of information may vary – government, health, educational, communications – as may the specific objective, but the need for access is constant. The opening session of this year’s High Level Political […]

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