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CPDWL Coaching initiative: Campaign for volunteer coaches

The coaching method has been explored by the Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Standing Committee over the years, as part of Satellite Conferences and as part of the IFLA WLIC programme. Since 2019 CPDWL is collaborating with Management & Marketing Section on the Coaching initiative.

We are now very pleased that the Coaching initiative was approved by the Professional Committee of IFLA for the next three years 2020 to 2022.
At the WLIC 2020 n Dublin the session will focus again on individual coaching, and the format will be a drop-in/walk-in session where coaches are prepared to meet the delegates that want to be coached. As was the goal of the 2019 session, CPDWL and M&M aim to offer coaching in all IFLA languages this year too, as well as any additional language spoken by volunteer coaches.The purpose of the Coaching initiative is to support the coachee (the person who wants to be coached) in aligning organisational and individual goals to improve individual performance and to ensure that the organisation’s mission is achieved.

Coaching focuses on asking open questions, and allowing the coachee to come up with the solution. This differs from mentoring which mainly focuses on giving advise.

In order to give the coaching session, we need many coaches. Maybe you are one of them? If you have experiences in coaching or if you are interested in developing your coaching skills, you are very welcome to contact us!

During Spring term 2020 an online coach training programme will be given in the format of webinars, in order to prepare for acting as coach at the WLIC coaching session. Vera Keown, member of M&M SC and Certified Leadership Coach, is planning the training programme and will be instructor at the webinars.

Since we aim to offer coaching in many languages, we are also interested in knowing if you can coach in any of the IFLA languages or your mother tongue.

Please send your expression of interest to: Carmen Lei carmen@ift.edu.mo or Barbara Schleihagen schleihagen@bibliotheksverband.de.

For further information about CPDWL’s coaching initiative, please contact: Ewa Stenberg , Convenor of the Coaching initiative ewa.stenberg@mau.se.

More general information about the Coaching Programme here https://www.ifla.org/cpdwl/projects

The coaching work group: Ewa Stenberg, Almuth Gastinger, Barbara Schleihagen, Carmen Lei, Ulrike Lang, Vera Keown