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Pandemic: Pain and Pride

2021 will be remembered as the year of vaccinations and stop-start-go measures we all experienced as we began to accept the new normal living with Corona or the COVID-19 pandemic bringing pain and pride for some, in the way we live, work and play whilst scientists try to find a […]

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What they said about Clare Thorpe’s ‘Curious, confident & committed: Transforming libraries into learning organisations’ webinar

Earlier on 13 October 2021, CPDWL and NPSIG invited Clare Thorpe, Director, Library Services at Southern Cross University in Australia to present a webinar entitled ‘Curious, confident & committed: Transforming libraries into learning organisations’ with the support of SMU Libraries and the Library Association of Singapore (LAS). Dr. Gillian Hallam […]

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Wow! What Did I Do in Athens? Reflections on my first year as SC Member in CPDWL during IFLA WLIC 2019

Contributed by Rajen Munoo,, Head, Learning and Information Services, SMU Libraries ‘Tis the season of thanksgiving, of reflection, of baubles, tinsels, good tidings, and gifting! With travel plans up in the air and the next opportunity for a face-to-face IFLA WLIC distant, my blogpost gifts to CPDWL a celebration of […]

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