Pandemic: Pain and Pride

2021 will be remembered as the year of vaccinations and stop-start-go measures we all experienced as we began to accept the new normal living with Corona or the COVID-19 pandemic bringing pain and pride for some, in the way we live, work and play whilst scientists try to find a cure.

As Chair, of the Council of Chief Librarian’s (CCL) Committee on Information Literacy (CIL), I initiated the Pandemic IL (Pain and Pride) in collaboration with the Library Association of Singapore (LAS). This is a curation of stories in 300 words by instruction librarians in Singapore that was published in the LAS Bulletin. Released on a weekly basis, this multi-part story series highlights the pivot to online during the pandemic and demonstrates the resilience, tenacity, commitment, and passion by instructing librarians to teach, educate and advocate not only information, media, and digital literacy, but multi-literacies using various digital learning strategies.

Enjoy their stories below:

Look out for the finale here.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Sadie-Jane Nunis, President, Library Association of Singapore (2021-2023), and Ms. Kong Leng Foong, Publications for supporting this initiative and being a strong advocate in the continuing professional development of LIS workers in Singapore and beyond!

As we bring down the curtain in 2021, what were your Pain and Pride?

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Rajen Munoo

Head, Learning and Engagement, SMU Libraries

December/Winter 2021

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