ISSN for scientific blogs

In Germany we have right now a discussion to assigned ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for scientific blogs.

Typically ISSN are used for continuous publications that appear numbered or dated. But also scientific blogs or databases of general interest can be registered. In the allocation, only the formal criteria are examined. A substantive examination or evaluation of the quality of the contributions published therein does not take place.

The international ISSN Centre in Paris coordinates the work of the national centres. The international ISSN database  now more then two million ISSN with their titles and short bibliographical descriptions is constantly growing.

What are the arguments to register for a ISSN if you are publishing a blog?

  1. Better visibility. For ex. with an ISSN in Germany you will be listed in the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZBD)
  2. Long-term citation through long-term archiving. National libraries will archive blogs if they have a ISSN in the automated webharvesting.

As the awarding of the ISSN is free of charge I would recommend to register the CPDWL blog.


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