Library of the year in Sweden 2020 – not a library by Catharina Isberg

Every year a library in Sweden is nominated as Library of the year. This year there were huge changes.

The nomination is carried out by DIK, the Swedish union for library, culture and information. And this prize has been given for the last 30 years. The purpose of Library of the Year is to draw attention to the libraries’ important role in a democratic society. Every year libraries are highlighted which in different ways and according to their unique conditions, have excelled a little extra.

For the first time – Library of the Year 2020 is not a library. Instead, the prize goes to the people behind it – all librarians in Sweden.

This year, due to the pandemic, DIK has seen creativity and forward-thinking spirit in the libraries and initiative beyond the ordinary and traditional approaches.

With scarce funds and their own concerns for infection, the country’s librarians have used their skills and competences and ensured that libraries are open, switched up their digital activities and delivered books to those who, due to the risk of infection, could not pick them up themselves.

The importance of libraries becomes especially apparent in times of crisis and librarians have shown an enormous willingness to spread culture and information. Together they have proven that a library, it is so much more than a physical place. The librarians have a huge skill and competence which the society benefits from.

Therefor DIK wanted to pay a tribute to this effort and therefore award Library of the Year 2020 to all librarians in Sweden.

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One thought on “Library of the year in Sweden 2020 – not a library by Catharina Isberg

  1. Albina Krymskaya

    Congratulations! I think this experience should be adopted by other countries. Librarians in all countries deserve such a reward, especially today.
    Thank you for sharing!

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