Knowledge Café 2019: Change Literacy: Digital, Collaborative, Creative compiled by Monica Ertel

The 7th Knowledge Café was held at the 2019 WLIC in Athens, Greece.  Approximately 150 information professionals attended this meeting to share and learn from their colleagues on a number of interesting table topics.  Participants represented a diverse number of countries including Russia, Sweden, Norway, Ghana, Canada, Singapore, Germany, United States, Kenya, Japan, Uganda, Australia, Brazil, Greece and many others.  Public, school, university, parliamentary and special libraries were among the organizations of the participants. The goal of this program was to provide an opportunity for IFLA colleagues to discover, share and takeaway new ideas.

Change is the currency of our libraries, communities, parliaments, organizations, and world.  Whether it involves digital transformation, collaborating with traditional or non-traditional agencies, or creating new and exciting engagement opportunities, change is at the heart of our activities.  Learning, growing, developing and succeeding in the face of change are our challenges.  

Summaries of the table topics are included below.

Table topics:

  1. Developing New Communication Tools: Keeping Up with Advances in Technology
  2. Outreach and Collaboration with Non-Library Agencies
  3. How Library Spaces Affect Learning
  4. Creative Uses of Social Media in Libraries
  5. Change Management Techniques for Staff and Users
  6. Digital Transformation: Adapting to Changing Client Needs
  7. Developing Library Leaders of the Future
  8. Improving Performance Through Mentoring and Coaching
  9. Focus on What the Library Does versus What it Has
  10. Learning, Training and Finding the Gaps
  11. Managing Staff in Tough and Uncertain Times
  12. Succession Planning and Getting the Right Skills

Full Report available here. [PDF]

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      Thank you Monica for this thoughtful summary. It will be highly beneficial to non-attendees.

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