CPDWL Workshop Taking charge of your career in Singapore

Dear participants of the yesterday`s workshop,

we hope you enjoyed the workshop of CPDWL about Taking charge of your career as much as we did. But we kindly need your support in answering some questions to continue successfully:

1. Do you think the workshop was useful for you?

2. Did you like the format?

3.Did you miss anything?

4.What can we do better?

5. How should we continue?

6. Do you have any recommendations for future needed topics at workshops within the cpdwl field?

Thank you for your support and we will upload achievements and content to our website, blog and facebook page soon.

Please stay in touch and have a safe trip home!
Best regards
Catharina Isberg and Ulrike Lang, Co-Chairs of CPDWL Section

One thought on “CPDWL Workshop Taking charge of your career in Singapore

  1. Purity

    Many thanks for your follow-up. That workshop to me, was the IFLA WLIC 2013 itself.Very relevant, fascinating, informative and inspiring.

    The session gave me a new perception towards librarianship. The application of the 5Ps of marketing mix amazed me. I am a product and its only me who can market myself

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