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Meet the candidates: Vahe Khumaryan

Vahe Khumaryan
National Children’s Library of Armenia

My name is Vahe and by now I have only had 1 year experience at the National Children’s Library of Armenia, as well as around 2 years experience at the Armenian National Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). I have been also coordinating projects of the Armenian Library Association and by now I am still taking part in its activities. Recently, I have taken up a position of an assistant to MP at the National Assembly of Armenia and I am also involved in educational and IT sectors of Armenia, with my second employment at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. With a previous backgound in academia in a capacity of research fellow, I have always tried to bring several important principles to the areas of activities I have been involved in. This is what I also expect to advocate for in the library sphere in Armenia and globally:

  • Development strategies of libraries must be based on quantitiative data and advanced methodologies.
  • The introduction and imposition  of modern approaches and technologies for customer service and counselling at the libraries (by state).
  • Introduction of a thorough Armenian, as well as regional, online library catalogue, supported from several centralized IT departments in the regional cooperating states.
  • Automation of library services, with a respectful approach to the social responsibilities of larger librarian institutions.
  • Training and support for the development of modern communication departments at the libraries worldwide, which will ensure the library activity and services online through E-Book databases and cooperation with recognized online book sellers (Amazon, Kobo, Google Play Market, etc.)
  • Ensuring the accessibility of scientific databases and indexation catalogues to more people worldwide.


I believe my participation in IFLA Standing Committee will be a voice of younger generation from a the CIS/South Caucasus region and I will be happy to share my professional backgound and contribute to the exchange of cultural values library inthusiasts from around the world.

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Meet the candidates: Kyung- Cheol Kim

Kyung- Cheol Kim
National Library of Korea

I’m glad to have a chance to introduce myself. My name is Kyung- Cheol Kim  (Please call me Kim). I have working for National Library of Korea Since March 2014. Before, I had have an various experiences of library fields as librarian,  educator, comittee member, especially special library fields, for more than 14 years.

Last 5 years, as Staff of National Library, major works are Digital Library Planning Division (Open Access Policy & Project, Web Archiving Project, Policy Information Library Association Management)  and Collection Management & Reading and Reference Service.

As you Know, National Library of Korea is leader of  public libraries as a legal and real role.   I think that public libraries are main facilities of country for education and knowledge sharing to people.  So, Improvement on policy of public libraries are still main issue of most of countries. My experience support a enough motivation to be a committee member.

I hope to contribute a my effort to develop, apply and exchange with other countries on successful policy and useful information during committee activities.

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Meet the candidates: Jakob Guillois Lærkes

Jakob Guillois Lærkes
Director of Gladsaxe Libraries

I am Director of Gladsaxe Libraries, Denmark, and former Director of Orestad Library and Blågården Library. My main interests are design of library spaces and service, change management and, in general, development of future libraries.

My main goal is to raise awareness of the important role and task of the public libraries in making a difference in people’s lives. With the working group and as part of the jury of the IFLA/Systematic Public Library of the Year Award, I have dedicated time and energy in revitalising this important award. A work of advocacy that contributes to creating the political and strategic platform required to make change.

I am vice-chair of the Danish National Library Association and a regular speaker at international conferences, including several IFLA WLIC and pre-conferences. I will also continue working for making WLIC the central most interesting conference for library professionals by implementing IFLAs new global vision.

As Director of Orestad Library, I was in charge of designing a modern library which offers self service and caters for both the nearby school, high school and the local community. As Director of Blågården Library, I took the lead in developing a library targeted at young people and their specific needs. In Gladsaxe, I am now dedicated to the task of converting a main library, four branch libraries and a commercial movietheater into cultural hubs for the local community.

From 2011-2013 I joined the International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI) – a network of library professionals formed by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, with focus on public libraries in the 21st century.

International cooperation and the mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge is a key component of the work in IFLA. I firmly believe that the greatest changes are made by professionals working together and having a stronger voice.

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Meet the candidates: Simona Ziliene

Simona Žilienė
Central Library of Vilinus City Municipality

 My name is Simona Žilienė. Work at public libraries field 17 years and recognise public libraries as the main institutions at modern society which are able to provide relevant services to every community group especially to socially disadvantaged community groups members. I have an interest to develop public libraries psychosocial services for communities as today public libraries become spaces where everyone can to have activities which help for persons non-formal education, help to solve psychosocial issues using such methods as bibliotheraphy or reading promotion activities, lifelong learning, learning self-help methods and achieving new skills at digital literacy. Public libraries are important at global processes such as: social inclusion, protection of multicultural societies and help to understand each others, culture diversity preservation, digital literacy learning, lifelong learning, help to understand and accept democratic processes as well public libraries can be enabled to become (or already are) “solicitors” of local communities when help to unite for solving local issues and promote creativity for all communities members.

I am a council member of Lithuanian Librarians Association and also one of founders  of NGO Children and Youth Day Center (it works at public library) which provides sociocultural services for children and teenagers from socially disadvantaged families.   Think that collaboration and partnership between public libraries and NGO‘s is very important and can be very useful for communities.

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Meet the candidates: Liz White

Liz White
Strategic Membership Team
British Library

I’m delighted to be standing for election for IFLA’s Public Libraries Committee and would consider it an honour to opportunity to engage with colleagues worldwide on strategic issues, share best practice and to advocate for libraries.

I am passionate about the value and importance of public libraries and of the vital roles that library and informational professionals play in today’s society.

In my role as a member of the Strategic Leadership Team at the British Library, I led the development of our Living Knowledge vision, which highlighted the crucial importance of public libraries and librarians in today’s knowledge economy.  In 2016 I was personally responsible for the introduction of the Living Knowledge Network, a new and innovative partnership between 22 public libraries and the three National Libraries of the UK, with the aim of sharing professional knowledge and providing joint offers to audiences- reaching more than 1 million people in two years through exhibitions and live screenings, as well as supporting librarians with professional development and networking.  We’re also working with external arts organisations such as the Hay Festival and Poet in the City to share their work across the UK with public library audiences.

I regularly represent the British Library at national-level and am a Board member of Libraries Connected, a sector-support body for public libraries in England and Wales.  Over the past year I have been leading a project for the UK public library sector to consider ways to use digital to enhance the civic role of public libraries and to reinforce their public and social value.  I’m a regular speaker at international library conferences and it would be a privilege to work with other committee members on developing and implementing a shared international vision for public libraries at a time when they are needed more than ever before.

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Meet the candidates: Jieyin Feng

Jieyin Feng
Shanghai Library

I received a MLS from the University of South Florida, USA in 1998, and since then have worked as a reference librarian in the Shanghai Library, China, providing services to the general public in a city with a population of over 25 million. We also receive readers from all over the world.

I served two terms as a standing committee member of the IFLA Reference and Information Services section (2003-2011), then two terms for the Government Information and Official Publications section (2011-2019). I hope my experience working for these two sections and as a long-standing librarian in a large public library can allow me to make more contributions to the Public Libraries section.

I’m also willing to participate in all the activities involving the section, work with my international colleagues as a trustworthy member, and help to advocate the missions and goals of the section.

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Meet the candidates: Hege Kristine Myhrebakken

Hege Kristine Myhrebakken
Østre Toten folkebibliotek

My name is Hege Kristine and I am 29 years old. I started my library career in 2015, in a public library in a small municipality of 15 000 people. I am a fulltime youth librarian at Østre Toten folkebibliotek, and my background is an education in creative writing and cultural project management.

In 2017 I attended my first IFLA congress, thanks to a scholarship from Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (Fagforbundet). After IFLA17 I became a member of Fagforbundets library interest group, which gives guiding advice on library politics. I received yet another scholarship last year, and attended IFLA in Kuala Lumpur. Whilst there, I attended several Public Libraries business meetings/sessions, and found your work something I myself would like to be a part of.

As a librarian and a member of my union, I am interested in further development of public libraries and the access to knowledge and information. I would like to work for strengthening the role that the public library has in society, both as a free and equal place to meet other people and as a democratic arena for debates and discussions.

I would love to be a part of shaping the future of public libraries, and to work with talented and unique colleagues from all over the world! I will bring my passion for libraries and reading, and convert them into actions that will be a part of the shaping of the future.

For more information about voting for members of the Public Libraries Standing Committee take the time to read our post.