Meet the candidates: Vahe Khumaryan

Vahe Khumaryan
National Children’s Library of Armenia

My name is Vahe and by now I have only had 1 year experience at the National Children’s Library of Armenia, as well as around 2 years experience at the Armenian National Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). I have been also coordinating projects of the Armenian Library Association and by now I am still taking part in its activities. Recently, I have taken up a position of an assistant to MP at the National Assembly of Armenia and I am also involved in educational and IT sectors of Armenia, with my second employment at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. With a previous backgound in academia in a capacity of research fellow, I have always tried to bring several important principles to the areas of activities I have been involved in. This is what I also expect to advocate for in the library sphere in Armenia and globally:

  • Development strategies of libraries must be based on quantitiative data and advanced methodologies.
  • The introduction and imposition  of modern approaches and technologies for customer service and counselling at the libraries (by state).
  • Introduction of a thorough Armenian, as well as regional, online library catalogue, supported from several centralized IT departments in the regional cooperating states.
  • Automation of library services, with a respectful approach to the social responsibilities of larger librarian institutions.
  • Training and support for the development of modern communication departments at the libraries worldwide, which will ensure the library activity and services online through E-Book databases and cooperation with recognized online book sellers (Amazon, Kobo, Google Play Market, etc.)
  • Ensuring the accessibility of scientific databases and indexation catalogues to more people worldwide.


I believe my participation in IFLA Standing Committee will be a voice of younger generation from a the CIS/South Caucasus region and I will be happy to share my professional backgound and contribute to the exchange of cultural values library inthusiasts from around the world.

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