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Carnegie Library Labs Snapshot Report


In 2014 we reported on the Carnegie Library Labs project set up by the Carnegie UK Trust

This  is a three-year program(2014-2017) created by the Carnegie UK Trust to support and develop innovation and leadership in the public library sector. It supports participants through providing project funding, online learning, mentoring and networking opportunities.

The  Trust has just published  the final Snapshot of the first round of projects supported by this program:

  • Commons are Forever: a project to encourage members of the community to discover and use copyright-free works while educating them on copyright laws and their digital rights (Aude Charillon, Newcastle)
  • Digital Toyboxes: boxes of kit that are rotated among libraries and beyond like a mobile makerspace (David Hayden, Edinburgh)
  • Ideas Garage: a volunteer-led programming club (Claire Lewis, Monmouthshire)
  • Library After Dark Café: monthly creative writing workshops held outside the library opening times (Helen McMahon, South Dublin)
  • Rub-a-dub-hub: a virtual learning environment for parents of preschool children to boost literacy (Eileen Russell, Ballymena)
  • Library Bike: a branded bike to take to events and into the community to sign people up to the service and lend books and run story telling sessions (Anish Noble-Harrison, Swindon)
  • Datascape: an advocacy presentation that makes the best of existing statistical reports and case studies for Kirklees library service (Troy Mcintosh, Kirklees).

Some really great ideas are included in the Snaphot so take time to read them.



Carnegie Library Lab


The Carnegie Trust has recently announced that applications are open for Carnegie Library Lab – the Trust’s new programme of work aimed at enhancing innovation and leadership in public libraries.

Carnegie Library Lab is a new program designed to support and develop innovation and leadership in the public library sector and will run for three years from 2014-2017. The Trust believe that the challenges faced by public libraries today provide an opportunity to think creatively about their role and potential. The program is aimed at staff in the early or middle stage of their career.

While the geographical spread of this project is limited to the United Kingdom and Ireland what a great idea to emulate!

Speaking Volumes

Small Dianah reads to Niamh 3

A new publication from the Carnegie UK Trust, Speaking Volumes,  provides examples of the wide range of activities that demonstrate the impact public libraries can have in four key policy areas – social, economic, educational and cultural. The leaflet also shows how these directly contribute towards to individual and community wellbeing. The leaflet folds out into a poster and is based on hundreds of examples of practice throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as published evidence of impact. A database of these examples is available on the Trust’s website.

Carnegie Library Lab



The Carnegie UK Trust has announced a new program to support innovation and leadership in the public library sector. It aims to support applicants with a range of experience and learning.

The Trust has a long history of commitment to public libraries. Their research in 2011-12 uncovered the fact that public libraries have a place in people’s hearts but not their lives. It identified the need to support innovation and leadership in the public library service to ensure their continued relevance and sustainability.

The programme will run for three years, from 2014 to 2017, and will have five elements built around learning, funding, mentoring, networking and evaluation.

For further information check on the Trust’s web site.