PLS through the eyes of a newcomer

Saleh modelling Fatemeh’s PLSC name badge! We could tell the difference.

At the Public Libraries Standing Committee sessions in Kuala Lumpur we were delighted to welcome Saleh Zamani from Iran. Saleh is a colleague of our corresponding member Fatemeh Pazooki and as she was unable to come Saleh attended so he could report back to Fatemeh when he returned home..

We have just received this report from Saleh (via Fatemeh) and we would like to share it with you. We think it demonstrates what IFLA is all about.

This was the first time that I came to IFLA as newcomers. Although I was not familiar with IFLA’s structures, I first got acquainted with Public Libraries Section. So, my first visit to IFLA was through the Public Libraries group in the Chinese restaurant. I got surprised due to the friendly, warm and inclusive behaviors of all the members specially Jan. I’m not a librarian, but from the time of meeting Jan and her friends, I was interested in Librarianship. From the two Public Library’s sessions, I could attend the first session and enjoy the reports of the program. I remember one of the reports was on the investment in Libraries that could reduce social costs of communities. This report was important to me because of bearing social background. Another attractive point for me was that among the sections which I participated in, the Public Library Committee was much more active than the others. Empathy and coordination among the members made them an effective family. Jan’s flexible management has made it so easy for any non-librarian to be interested in librarianship. Unfortunately, at the second session of the committee, I was not able to attend because I took part in another section (CDNL).

However, I will never forget the memories of friendship with committee members. I really thank Fatemeh Pazooki because she introduced me to this committee for the first time, and I had the chance to take part in that section. I remember, I was so happy with the selection of Public Library Section on the last day at the Planetary Theater. I realized Jan and her colleagues are doing a lot of ongoing efforts to update their activities while loving their profession. I really love to see them all again and wish them good luck.

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  1. Fatemeh Pazooki

    I extremely surprised when I saw this post! Thanks Saleh, for taking part in the PLS meetings instead of me and making this memory.
    Thank you very much Jan, for sharing the note; and also good job! for taking a twosome photo by your creative idea ????

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