Swedish IFLA-active from LSN-section rewarded national prize

Myself and Anette Mjöberg, both in Public Libraries Section, are members of the jury of the Swedish national prize for librarian of the year, called Bengt Hjelmqvist Prize. The prize winner is rewarded for outstanding efforts in the public libraries area.

This year Heidi Carlsson Asplund was awarded the prize. She has for many years been very interested in, and worked with, accessibility issues nationally and internationally. She receives the prize for her dedicated efforts to develop and make available the library’s services, from refurbishing a youth library together with teens and regional work focusing on accessibility issues, to an international involvement in IFLA, where she is in the Standing Committee for the Library Services to People section with Special Needs. Heidi has also been noted for her efforts to engage the local community in the library work, for example: by involving local people in the program activities at Sjövik library branch. Heidi has used her great horse interest as a resource for developing new activities, such as the “ride-in library” idea.

Photo:Ingrid Kallstrom