Meet the candidates: Liz White

Liz White
Strategic Membership Team
British Library

I’m delighted to be standing for election for IFLA’s Public Libraries Committee and would consider it an honour to opportunity to engage with colleagues worldwide on strategic issues, share best practice and to advocate for libraries.

I am passionate about the value and importance of public libraries and of the vital roles that library and informational professionals play in today’s society.

In my role as a member of the Strategic Leadership Team at the British Library, I led the development of our Living Knowledge vision, which highlighted the crucial importance of public libraries and librarians in today’s knowledge economy.  In 2016 I was personally responsible for the introduction of the Living Knowledge Network, a new and innovative partnership between 22 public libraries and the three National Libraries of the UK, with the aim of sharing professional knowledge and providing joint offers to audiences- reaching more than 1 million people in two years through exhibitions and live screenings, as well as supporting librarians with professional development and networking.  We’re also working with external arts organisations such as the Hay Festival and Poet in the City to share their work across the UK with public library audiences.

I regularly represent the British Library at national-level and am a Board member of Libraries Connected, a sector-support body for public libraries in England and Wales.  Over the past year I have been leading a project for the UK public library sector to consider ways to use digital to enhance the civic role of public libraries and to reinforce their public and social value.  I’m a regular speaker at international library conferences and it would be a privilege to work with other committee members on developing and implementing a shared international vision for public libraries at a time when they are needed more than ever before.

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