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The 10-Minute International Librarian #27: Think of a Long-Term Vision

One of the purposes of our 10-Minute International Librarian series is to help you find ways to think beyond the world around you.

You are part of a global field, and can gain a lot by working with others, without needing to devote too much time!

But as well as thinking further geographically, it’s also good to think further in terms of time.

Libraries have been with us for millennia, and will certainly survive into the future. But in what form?

To help in your planning, a good start is to imagine your ideal end-goal – the sort of world you want to live in, in ten year’s time.

So for our 27th 10-Minute International Librarian, think of a long-term vision.

Write down a few ideas about what characterises this situation.

For example, IFLA’s vision highlights the importance of the library field being strong and united, and fulfilling its mission to power literate, informed and participatory societies.

You can draw on these ideas in your own vision, and add your own, reflecting your circumstances.

Once you have this, try to use it as a guide for decision-making in the shorter term. What will help you realise this vision? Where do you need to do more or invest effort, what is already safe?

Share your ideas for visions in the comments below!

Good luck!


This idea relates to the IFLA Strategy! 3.3 Empower the field at the national and regional levels.

You can view all of our ideas using the #10MinuteInternationalLibrarian tag on this blog, and of course on IFLA’s Ideas Store! Do also share your ideas in the comments box.