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The 10-Minute Library Advocate: #2 Think of Five Words Your Users Would Use to Describe Your Library

Write down 5 Words Your Users Would Use to Describe Your Library

Advocacy is all about changing mindsets.

You need the people who take decisions about you library – and the people who influence them – to understand what you do, to support it, and to be ready to act on your interest.

Of course talking about change implies a starting point. What do you think people would say about your library if you asked them now?

So the second exercise for our 10-Minute Library Advocates is to write down five words your community would use to describe your library. Put yourself in their place, and try to think, realistically, what would they say?

We can only improve if we know what’s wrong. So in this exercise you should be critical too! Include both positive and negative words.

Understanding what people appreciate will give you an idea of where you are stronger, while an idea of what they don’t like so much will help you think about where you need to work on to change that perception.

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