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Education: our Greatest Renewable Resource

Think of a renewable resource. Was the first image that came to your mind of wind turbines in the distance, glittering solar panels, or a great, churning waterfall? You certainly wouldn’t be wrong. We often look to our natural environment for resources that drive our ways of life and fuel […]

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Of Nuts and Sledgehammers: Why MEPs Should Choose their Tools Wisely in Copyright Reform

The European Parliament’s vote on the draft copyright directive next Wednesday is likely to be the last chance for transparent discussion on the substance of a reform that has been years in the making. It is also a last chance for libraries to reach out to and influence Members of […]

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The Quality Trap? The Risks of Claiming a Monopoly on Quality

It’s difficult to argue with quality. By its definition, it means something that’s good, better and more desirable than its competitors.   The notion of quality applies as much to information as it does to clothes, food or other experiences. Indeed, ‘quality information’ has emerged as an antidote, a solution […]

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