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The Multi-Functional Library: What Libraries Can Represent for Local Governments

The 10th World Urban Forum is taking place in Abu Dhabi next week, bringing together representatives of villages, towns and cities from around the world. Given the powerful role of local government in decisions about libraries – and public libraries in particular – this is a key audience. IFLA will […]

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The Right to the City is the Right to a Library

A key theme at the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, taking place this week in Durban, is how action at the local level contributes to building a better world for everyone. The Summit’s organisers – United Cities and Local Government – have strongly and successfully made the case […]

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The 10-Minute Library Advocate #6: Find Out Who’s In Charge

The end goal of advocacy is to affect decision-making. You want to encourage those who have power – or resources – to support your library, library system, or libraries in general. Of course advocacy itself is about preparing the ground – building understanding, changing attitudes, creating the motivation to act. […]

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