The 10-Minute International Librarian #83: think about different learning styles

Effective teaching requires two or more people – the information giver and the information receiver.

For information to be understood, and skills to be learned, the two (or more) people need to be attuned – in other words, the way that the teacher teaches, and the learner learns, need to fit together.

This can place particular responsibilities on the person giving the information – either in person, in writing, or in other ways – to flex their style in order to be most effective.

Why does this matter in libraries?

Many library and information professionals do carry out teaching activities, for example around (information) literacy, to develop digital skills, or the content of library collections.

But event beyond specific training or education sessions, so much of what libraries do is about giving information – about how to get the best out of the library, its services, and its collections!

So for our 83rd 10-Minute International Librarian exercise, think about different learning styles.

In your experience, what has proven most effective in helping users to understand the opportunities that are open to them?

How can you structure the information you are providing best? Do users respond better to shorter bursts of learning? Do they prefer learning by doing, or a more theoretical approach?

Let us know about your experiences in the comments box below!

Good luck!


This idea relates to the IFLA Strategy! Key Initiative 2.3: Develop standards, guidelines, and other materials that foster best professional practice

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One thought on “The 10-Minute International Librarian #83: think about different learning styles

  1. Neha

    I can structure the information which I am providing to the user as per there needs. I think as a librarian first I need to understand why the want that particular information, after that I can structure it step by step. Like first we can provide basic or foundation information, then some facts related to the information, some critical point which can make information more authentic then summery.

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