The 10-Minute International Librarian #64: Look for a learning opportunity

In order to keep up with new ideas, new tools and new techniques, it is vital to be a lifelong learner.

This is as much a question of personal and professional development as it is one of how best to serve library users.

However, too often, we associate learning only with being in a formal setting – a school or university – or with a formal structure.

This ignores all of the other situations we are in where we can challenge ourselves, and so develop new knowledge and skills, if we are open to this and ready to take lessons on board.

So for our 64th 10-Minute International Librarian exercise, look for a learning opportunity.

As highlighted above, this doesn’t need to be a formal course or something similar.

It can be any activity which is new to you, and where you think you can learn, either from your own experience, or through working alongside someone who can share their knowledge and skills.

Try to be conscious of yourself when doing this – take notes about what you are hearing or seeing, or the conclusions you can draw.

Try then to apply these lessons in future – it will help them stick in your mind.

Let us know about your most recent learning opportunity in the comments box at bottom.

Good luck!


This idea relates to the IFLA Strategy! 3.4 Provide targeted learning and professional development.

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