The 10-Minute Digital Librarian #2: Ensure you show up on mapping tools

As set out last week, our first batch of ideas on how to be an effective digital librarian focus on raising awareness of your work and services.

Clearly, for a profession focused on being able to find the right resources for users, library and information workers understand the importance of discoverability.

This also of course applies to our own institutions!

Among the ways of making yourself discoverable is of course to appear on the map.

Fortunately, it is no longer the case that you need to rely on official mapmakers to get recognised – online maps such as OpenStreetMap, GoogleMaps and Apple Maps offer possibilities to add your library (if it is not there already).

In doing so, at least in some of the map platforms, you can often add in information about your library, its opening hours and services, and links.

This means that people using these maps will then be able to more easily find you if they search for libraries, get relevant information, and indeed be brought to your site.

For new users, they can even find out what route to follow to get to you.

Think about which map services people use most in your country. At least for the three mentioned in this blog, you can find out more about how to put yourself on the map at the following links: OpenStreetMap, GoogleMaps, Apple Maps.

Good luck!


If you are interested in library marketing more broadly, you should take a look at the work of IFLA’s Management and Marketing Section, which provides a platform to share expertise and experience.

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