The 10-Minute International Librarian #31: Think about what you can offer others in the field

The last months of the year are marked in a variety of cultures by festivals with a strong emphasis on giving.

Much of the time, this is about physical gifts, money or blessings.

But we can also give in other ways – of our time, our experience, and our energy.

IFLA depends heavily on library workers from around the world being ready to give in this way, to help others learn, improve practice, and advocate effectively.

Volunteering is indeed a great form of generosity!

So for our 31st 10-Minute International Librarian, think about what you can offer others in the field.

What particular skills or experience do you have that you can share? What resources have you created, or what connections can you make?

Can you support someone directly, for example as a mentor or coach? Or can you help more broadly by helping out with a project run by one of our professional units, or your own association?

Share your stories of the generosity of other members of our field in the comments below!

Good luck!


This idea relates to the IFLA Strategy! Key Initiative 2.3: Build a strong presence in international organizations and meetings as a valued partner.

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