The 10-Minute International Librarian #7: Identify a challenge you have in common with another library

Running or working in a successful library can involve overcoming many different types of challenge.

Resources – time, money, expertise – are always limited, and the demands libraries can face are not only high, but also change over time.

As underlined in previous posts, it can be difficult to find the time to stop, think, identify problems, and find solutions.

Fortunately, engaging in the wider library field – nationally through your association, or globally through IFLA, provides a way of doing this.

In each of our Sections and other committees, there are groups of people committed to exploring the issues libraries must deal with, and finding solutions.

So for our 7th 10-Minute International Librarian exercise, identify a challenge you have in common with another library.

Try not to pick a library that is similar to your own, but rather one in another country, or another library type.

This may be a little more difficult, but will help you find themes where working together could help provide answers!

It can also help you work out in which part of IFLA you want to engage first!

Good luck!


This idea relates to the IFLA Strategy! Strategic Direction 3, Key Initiative 2: Support Virtual Networking and Collections.

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