The 10-Minute International Librarian #6: Celebrate an item in your collection

Libraries have a strong history of cooperation and partnerships.

With no single institution able to acquire and preserve everything, we have worked together for centuries to preserve and share materials, for the benefit of users.

Long before the internet, libraries were enabling information to flow around the world in support of education, research and access to culture.

This role is as vital as ever, especially given that so many items in library collections being rare or unique.

Through ensuring their preservation and accessibility, each library contributes to achieving the missions of the field globally.

By highlighting these, you not only underline the importance of your work, but also that of the library field as a whole.

So for our 6th 10-Minute International Librarian exercise, celebrate an item from your collection.

Ideally, if copyright and ethical concerns permit, share a photo on social media and a description, or even a full digitised copy.

Let others know about the treasures you are safeguarding for the future!


This idea relates to the IFLA Strategy! Strategic Direction 3, Key Initiative 2: Support Virtual Networking and Collections.

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