The 10-Minute Library Advocate #27: Follow Up!

The 10-Minute Library Advocate #27: Follow Up!

Advocacy is about building relationships.

While it’s an important first step to talk to a politician, funder or influencer, and get their business card, you can’t stop there.

Indeed, the more important they are, the busier they are likely to be. They need to be reminded of the time you met.

And of course, a strong relation only comes from repeated contact.

So for our 27th 10-Minute Library Advocate, exercise, follow-up with someone you met recently at an event, a visit, or another occasion.

Send them an e-mail, or even a letter (this can be powerful, given that physical letters are quite rare now!).

Remind them of your conversation, perhaps send on some (but not too much!) more information.

It can even be an opportunity to give your arguments more effectively than in person if you didn’t have time!

Good luck!


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