The 10-Minute Library Advocate #17: Find and Remember a Great Library Quote

Image: Find and learn a great library quoteWhen you advocate, it’s important to choose your words.

Finding a great way of expressing the importance of libraries can make the difference when you’re trying to convince someone.

But it’s not always easy to find these – not all of us are poets!

You don’t always have to choose your own words through. Many famous people have said supportive things about libraries.

So for our Seventeenth 10-Minute Library Advocate exercise, find a great library quote and learn it.

You can then use this when you’re talking with people, post it on social media, or even print it on a piece of paper (or if you’re feeling brave, a t-shirt!).

There are plenty of sites with quotes on the internet – you should look for the one or more that you feel comfortable using.

Share your favourites here!

Good luck!


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One thought on “The 10-Minute Library Advocate #17: Find and Remember a Great Library Quote

  1. Debbie House

    Toni Morrison – Every shift started with a tall stack of returned books—fiction, history, drama, poetry, everything. It didn’t pay much, but it was magical. Then I got fired.

    The trouble was that instead of replacing the books on the shelves, I kept reading them. A title would catch my eye, I’d crack the book open for just a quick look, and pretty soon I’d forget the stack of returns

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