The 10-Minute Library Advocate #16: Choose an SDG, and Think How Your Library Helps Achieve It

The 10-Minute Library Advocate #16: Choose an SDG, and Think How Libraries Help Achieve It

Advocacy can require you to adapt quickly.

If you want the person you’re talking with to agree with you and support libraries, you need to respond to their priorities.

You need arguments that speak to them, and show how libraries help achieve things they care about.

But people care about different things? A doctor cares about health, a teacher about education, a farmer about climate change. How can you be ready? A good way is to prepare your ideas on a range of issues.

For our sixteenth 10-Minute Library Advocate, pick a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), and think of a way in which libraries help achieve it.

The SDGs provide a great framework for thinking about almost every policy area.

You don’t need to do all at once – start with one, and do others if you have time.

You can find ideas in IFLA’s Access and Opportunity for All publication. and SDG Stories in the IFLA Library Map of the World. There are also great examples from librarians around the world.

Share your ideas!

Good luck!


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