The 10-Minute Library Advocate: #4 Learn Some Key Library Statistics

Learn Some Key Library StatisticsNumbers count.

When you are making the case for your library – or libraries in general – you need to be able to appeal both to the heart, and the head, of the person you’re talking to.

Being able to provide numbers also gives you greater credibility, and so makes your arguments more powerful.

Of course you should be smart about the statistics you use.

Clearly the best are measures of library impact. How many people found a job, improved their grades, or learnt a new skill thanks to the library?

But simpler ones can also be useful too – how many people visit libraries, how many borrow books.

So our fourth exercise for our 10 Minute Library Advocates is this: write down three powerful statistics about your library, or libraries in your region or country, and memorise them.

If you need help, you can look at what’s available on the Library Map of the World, and learn some of these.

Good luck!


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