Monthly Archive for January, 2017

Alternative Facts and Fake News – Verifiability in the Information Society

This week sees the continuation of Wikipedia’s #1lib1ref (One Librarian, One Reference) campaign (highlights from the first week here!). The thematic thread of this week’s activities is fake news, an expression that has been at the tip of people’s tongues lately, along with “alternative facts”. This blog explores the library […]

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Friends or Foes? Copyright and Free Speech

Copyright is regularly held up in public debates as both a barrier to, and a pre-condition of free speech. Given the emotive power of human rights arguments, as well as how readily they are used, it is worth exploring these claims. The answer, to both, is ‘not necessarily’.   Foe? […]

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In and Out of the Public Domain: the Role of Libraries

The development of libraries around the world is the result of an understanding that societies are stronger, more creative and more productive when they are literate and informed. The public domain – the sum of works which are no longer subject to the economic rights included in copyright and so […]

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