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Building an information literate research community

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Conference Proceedings – The Road to information Literacy : Librarians as Facilitators of Learning


A new paper has been added to the IFLA website (www.ifla.org/publications/ifla-publications-series-157 ).  The paper ‘Building an information literate research community’ is by Jayshree Mamtora who is Research Services Coordinator, Charles Darwin University, Australia and was presented at the Satellite Conference held this summer in Finland.  It is a case-study of how Charles Darwin University successfully built up their research support and how library staff were developed along the way to offer this support.

Research support is very topical currently as research funding becomes harder to get and as Open Access develops across the globe.  Developing the skills librarians need to support researchers’ information literacy development was one theme running through the conference, the Proceedings also include a paper by Clare Walker on this topic.